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Climate Camp Leipziger Land 2022

You are welcome to the Climate Camp Leipziger Land 2022!

This year the camp will take place in the second half of July. You will find broad program of workshops, discussions, music and art. This year, we will focus again on mobility (in)justice and the expansion of Leipzig/Halle Airport.

Climate camps are the heart of the climate justice movement. They are a place for networking and education of different political and social groups, which are working for ecological sustainability and social justice. They are also a place where alternatives to the current capitalist society can be tried out and our protest can be given emphasis through direct action and civil disobedience. The goal of the climate justice movement is a good life for all without harming the planet. To achieve this, we seek radical systemic change.

Climate camps are built on 4 pillars:

  • Education
  • Networking
  • Alternative living
  • Direct Action

This is how you can imagine the climate camp:
A big meadow with lots of tents. Community kitchen, workshops, music, good atmosphere and lively discussions. A space of inspiration and political action!

In the north of Leipzig, in Rackwitz. We will let you know the exact location. In any case, it will be accessible by train and/or bike from Leipzig.

19 th July – 03rd August 2022

Why protest against the airport expansion?
The action and protest alliance „Transform LEJ“ calls for actions against the expansion of Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) from July 28 – 31.

It is about all the injustices that are evident in the expansion of the airport:

  • brutal deportations from Germany,
  • greed for profit of DHL and Amazon aggravate climate change especially at the expense of people in the global south,
  • exports of arms all over the world
  • precarious working conditions for employees,
  • aircraft noise and displacement of local residents.

We will not allow DHL and the government to cast the capitalist growth mania in concrete with the expansion and fly us with even more cargo planes further and further into the climate crisis. Come with us: prevent the expansion and fight for the construction of a solidary society. We say: Transform LEJ!