Dealing with Corona

Dealing with Corona and the follow-up

It is important to us at the camp to deal with the virus and its consequences in a considerate and conscious way. In order for the camp to take place and to be able to act in case of an event, there will be the following measures, among others:

Registration will be done with a mail address. In order to keep your anonymity, you can use a new or otherwise secure e-mail address for the registration. It is important that you check your mailbox regularly after you have been at the camp. If there was a corona case at the camp and a possible contact, you will be notified via your given mail address.

Upon arrival you will also be randomly assigned a Corona ID, which will be assigned to your mail address. For the participation in workshops etc. there will be lists, in which you enter your number, in order to make a tracing of possible infection chains possible. The lists with the assignment of mail addresses and Corona IDs will be kept safe and destroyed 4 weeks after the camp.

We recommend everyone to get officially tested before arrival, for neither vaccinated nor genesis this is mandatory. A negative test in this case is a prerequisite for participation in the climate camp. If you don’t want to carry an official proof with you, you can do a self-test directly after arrival at the info tent. Please bring this test with you.

Depending on the duration of your stay, please bring enough medical masks and quick tests. For longer stays, we ask you all to take regular quick tests on your own responsibility, so that the camp is a (Corona-)safe space for everyone. Non-vaccinated and recovered people have to do a quick test every two days. To ensure this, new wristbands will be distributed every other day. You will receive more detailed information at the info tent upon arrival.

Please pay attention in the planning and on the camp to a maximum reference group size of 10 people.

If you need more information, please contact You will also receive more information regarding corona at the infopoint.