Climate Camp Leipzig 3.1*

Dear people,

The Climate Camp Leipzig is back. It will take place from 5th to 7th of June 2020.

Together with you we want to develop utopias and visions of a society fostering ‘a good life for everyone‘ and resilient against every crises. A society rooted in solidarity, sustainability and democracy.

Corona uncovers the causes of injustice and exploitation of nature even more. This exceptional camp gives space to exchange about the multiple crises ranging from the health crisis to the climate crisis and explore the underlining global interrelations and power structures. Thereby we will also reflect on our own role and positioning within the structure as well as empower each other.

How is this possible in times of corona? Mainly online and by video chat.

You will have the opportunity to participate in practical and theoretical workshops about a necessary system change ranging from digital self-defense to BI_PoC** Empowerment. There will be room to get involved, reflect, discuss, do fun stuff, plan actions and to unite & organize.


  • interactive fishbowl-discussion about the climate justice movements during corona times
  • workshops, for example about reflecting racism within the climate movement, societal transformation, skills for effective climate justice activism, BI_PoC** and white*** perspectives on the multiple crises
  • panel discussion on different global perspectives on the fights for climate justice
  • activist action in Leipzig – we go back on the streets together
  • cultural program (concert,…)
  • open space, socializing, room for exchange

No matter if you have ever been to a climate camp or not, no matter if you are in an activist group or not: climate camps are – in person or online – always a good start for everything!

More information, a packing list and registrations for the workshop can be found on the website of the Climate Camp Leipzig starting at Thursday, the 28th of May:

We are very happy to meet you soon!

Your Climate Camp Leipzig

* The Climate Camp Leipzig 3.0 cannot take place as planned, due to the Corona shutdown. Now follows the second addition in version 3.1 digital.
** Black, Indigenous & People of Color
*** “White” does not denote a biological characteristic or real skin colour, but a political and social construction. Being white represents the dominant and privileged position within the power relationship racism, which often remains unspoken and unnamed.

Call for Workshops online

We are currently looking for facilitators for workshops/webinars for this year’s Leipzig climate camp at the 06.06.2020.

Even though the current pandemic has been more effective preventing carbon emissions than any government – climate change won’t stop any time soon. So now is the time to look beyond this current phase and start preparing for system change and sustainability.

Due to the pandemic, we have been forced to bring our very beautiful and successful “real live” climate camp into a virtual reality.  So on 05.-07.06., we will organize an online climate camp with podiums, workshops, dancing and hopefully political actions.

We are looking for workshops regarding:

1. Social/ecological transformation: In which ways do we have to change our society in order to prevent future crisis? How is capitalism involved, what are the most promising approaches?

2. Climate justice: Both effects of Corona and Climate change are linked to local and global structures of power and exploitation. Both effects are unequally spread around the world – marginalized people are getting hurt unproportionally. How can we simultaneously fight for global justice and a sustainable society?

3. Skill Share/Pimp my activism: Every tool and ability you can possibly think of to help us fight for a fair and sustainable world! Only to begin with: press work, digital self-defence,….

If you are interested in doing a workshop, tell us about the focus of your workshop, which interactive elements it includes and about your background (initiatives you are active in, experience with activism or online workshops) in a few lines. The earlier we get your reply, the better. Application Deadline is the 25th of May.


Your Climate Camp Leipziger Land Crew



  • website:
  • date: 05.-07.06.2020 (Workshops mostly 06.06.)
  • time slots: 11:00-13:00 and 15:30-17:30
  • duration: 60-90 minutes plus 30 minutes discussion
  • language: German or English
  • format: Interactive video-telefonconference
  • software: Jitsi-Meet
  • compensation: Self-assessment (0-200€). Recommendation: people with a regular income low range/ self employed people or people without a regular income upper range

Invitation to participate!

we, the Klimacamps organizing circle, are people from Leipzig and all over Germany who co-organized the Klimacamp in Pödelwitz last year. And because it was so nice
last year, we will be back in 2020 and together we will set up a camp!
Why wait for the revolution when we can start it ourselves today? We want to create a home together for a week, for resistance, solidarity, beauty and creativity – a place for exchange and networking, for learning together and creative actions. And we’d love to have you join us! We are looking forward to new ideas, faces and support and invite you to the opening plenum. There we will start our planning process together and decide where and when this year’s camp will take place.

Our kick-off plenum will take place from February 21st (START: 16:00) to February 23rd (END ~15:00) in LEIPZIG (Demmeringstr. 32 in the Interim).

The organizing circle and the camp are organized in a grassroots democratic way. How this works, you will find out at the opening weekend. We meet every 6-8 weeks for our planning weekends in Leipzig.
The process is open for new people. No matter what knowledge or time capacities you bring along, you are welcome. We understand our common preparation process for the camp as a learning space. We would like to make the camp and our joint planning process sensitive to discrimination and we also see this as a joint learning process.

If you want to participate, please register under the following email address: INFO@KLIMACAMP-LEIPZIGERLAND.DE, you will then receive a more detailed schedule for the weekend.
Lastly, some information: The interim, the place where the plenary will be held, is barrier-free. There will be vegan food. If you have any food intolerances, need a place to sleep and/or child care, please mention this in your e-mail. The childcare is shared, so please bring your children with you.

We look forward to seeing you and the joint planning process for 2020!