Open Space

On the climate camp, you will have the opportunity to organize so called “Open Spaces” by yourselves.

1. What is an “Open Space”?

Open Space describes a format, which enables you to discuss and develop themes and projects, that matter to you with other people and perhaps to even start working on a practical realization of these themes and projects.
The space is “open”, because everyone, who’s interested in the treated theme or project, is welcome to join this space. One of the Open Spaces principles are the “two feet”, that are able to move and remain standing in one place, describing the idea, that you can join in and stay, whenever and as long as you like. But that you are also able to leave, when you feel you aren’t really able to participate right now. As the case may be, you can join another Open Space instead.
The central thoughts of Open Space are: to allow creativity and free participation to take place; to develop topics/ projects in exactly the manner, that the participants feel to do it; to continue the courses/workshops narratives of interest or to explore exiting topics from the courses/workshops practically; to create joy in participating and openness for the unexpected and surprising; but also to keep records of the results to allow further continuity.

2. Who can propose and perform an Open Space? How does that work?

During the climate camp, anyone who likes, is invited to propose a topic/project and to ask people to participate and collaborate. You can use an extra tent for each Open Space during the regular workshop-times of 2 ½ hours in the morning and afternoon. If desired by the participants, there’s the possibility to continue the Open Space the following day.
You’ll find more about “How to submit and perform?” in the program and around the infotent on the campside. Of course, you can also talk to us directly as well 🙂

Open Space slots can only be requested during the camp!
Requesting an Open Space beforehand is not possible.