Call for Courses and Workshops

How do I submit something?

Submissions are possible until July 11th, 2021 under:

In case of questions you can address them to

programm [at]

What kind of Courses and Workshops are we looking for?

  • Interactive courses and practical workshops are preferred instead of academic and theoretical
  • Diversity is important, and all subjects related to Climate Camp are welcome
  • Desirable are especially courses and workshops related to the subjects chosen for this year: mobility, justice and flight
  • subjects reproducing sexistic, racistic and homophobic, as well as conspirational theories, are to be excluded
  • Courses and workshops offered in English or German – other languages can be offered with individual commitment for offering simultaneous interpretation
  • Offers with a low threshold for young persons (children/youth) to experience the social-ecological transformation
  • Courses led by BIPoCs and LGBTIQs

What format can I give to my course or workshop?

→ lots may be imaginable, i.e.:

  • one time 1.5 h to every day several hours
  • practical workshops
  • discussion rounds
  • creative methods
  • artistic formats with theater/dance/music
  • excursions-outings
  • formats for young people
  • formats and methods for people with different knowledge basis
  • very different, just surprise us!

Possible are subjects:


  • Automotive industry, e-mobility and their consequences
  • Airplanes industry and traffic
  • Mobility during the Covid-19-Pandemic
  • Public transportation and bicycles
  • Differences between State and Land
  • Freedom of movement, global mobility


  • Foreign and Border politics of Europe
  • Right to asylum and permanence in theory and in practice
  • Deportation and prevention strategies
  • Routes of flight and support strategies

Social-ecological transformation:

  • Climate justice
  • Zapatistas
  • Food sovereignty
  • Farming and livestock farming
  • Infrastructure and energy
  • Utopias and workshops on the future
  • Queer- feminism and gender justice
  • Financial markets and Corona assistances
  • Neocolonialism and imperialistic ways of life


  • What is racism?
  • Critical whiteness and cultural appropriation
  • Climate justice and climate change as reason for flight
  • Capitalism and racism
  • Post- and Neocolonialism
  • BIPoC Empowerment
  • Stories of resistance


  • Climate movement and right ideologies
  • Federal elections 2021: effect of AfD participation in Government
  • Criminalization of left scene and inappropriate use of violence by the police
  • Practical/DIY:

    • Workshops and repair Cafés
    • Skill-Sharing (kollective selforganization, argumentations-trainings, grassroots democracy, …)
    • Action trainings
    • Rooms for networking and exchanges
    • Lived (Experienced) utopias
    • Movement works and body therapy
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