Peaceful fight against destruction of a unique habitat

Our friends from “Ende Gelände” and a broad alliance started this awesome action at the first weekend in June.

Here is the english translation of the spoken words:

Elia Ajam: We are here today because there is a nationwide protest against the construction of new highways. Behind us on the construction site of the A143, activists from “Ende Gelände” hung up a banner (Climate-friendly traffic turnaround now! #KeineA143 #NoA143).

Rosalie Kamm: We are sitting here in front of the backdrop of the “Saale Valley” nature reserve. This nature reserve is home to a large number of rare animal and plant species.

Niels Gruhne: The electric car will never replace the combustion car in time. The lithium for electric cars comes from Bolivia, rare earths come from the Congo and there civil wars are waged for the batteries of our electric cars. That is why we say global justice is incompatible with the electric car.

Elia Ajam: While the countries of the Global North cause most of the emissions and continue to fuel the climate crisis, people in the Global South are already suffering from extreme climatic changes and disasters.

Rosalie Kamm: We are calling for a socially just and ecologically justifiable change in mobility.

Niels Gruhne: The federal government is planning to build 850 kilometers of new motorways over the next ten years. We are in the middle of the climate crisis.

Elia Ajam: All people must have unrestricted access to local public transport regardless of their income.

Rosalie Kamm: Show solidarity! Get active yourself!