Invitation to be part of the Climate Camp 2021

Invitation: people wanted to organize the Climate Camp Leipzigerland 2021 focussing on the mobility justice

Dear people,

Corona is slowly retreating (in Europe), but the climate crisis continues to gain momentum. Time to bring our climate camp from the digital back into the real world: From August 27 to September 7 2021, we will organize a climate camp focussing on mobility justice in close proximity to Leipzig Airport and are looking for people to help us organize. We want to create a place of education, meeting and skill sharing, but also of political action. Our goal is to build on the recent successes of the previous years in the direction of energy transition and to kickstart a similar momentum towards green and sustainable transport. Out of the pit, up on the roads! Another thematic focus on the topic of global climate justice and migration will be linked to the deportation practice at the airport and the previous work on (anti) racism.

We are a grassroots democratic and self-organized group of people from Leipzig and its surrounding areas who are organizing this climate camp. If you want to take care of topics like education, political (direct) actions, public relations, logistics, bar or camp life, you are welcome to join. Experience is helpful, but newcomers are also welcome.

The best time to join is at the next orga circle meeting:

When: 6th til 8th of august!

Do you want to participate? Then contact us at info [at] and we will send you all the information. If you want to join us but don’t have time this weekend, please contact us and we will send you the information about further meetings.

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