Climate Camp Leipzig 2021

After there was the good news for Pödelwitz in the fall of 2019 that it will be spared from being dredged, this year we would like to turn our attention to another major climate polluter in the Leipzig area: the Airport Leipzig/Halle .

The airport and its further expansion do not only stand for a nonsensical continuation of politics and economy. It also shows that no action is being taken in the context of the urgently needed change in transport policy. The co-determination of local residents and those affected by climate change, as well as progressive climate change in general, are simply being ignored. This is no longer be up to with the times and is no longer acceptable!

We would like to fight together with you for mobility justice for all. We will organize panels, workshops, courses, but also actions and a good solidarity at the camp: cooking together, camping, making plans, empowering each other, living utopias & cleaning the dry toilets.

The climate cmap will be on August 27 – September 07, 2021 + the location somewhere near the airport.